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FAQ About Owner Surrender

Surrendering your pet to rescue is a very difficult decision to make. Below are some common questions about Owner Surrender. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

Question 1: "What happens to the pet when I surrender to VIP?"

Answer 1: "The first thing that happens when you surrender a pet is a vet visit. The pet will be brought up to date on vaccines, micro-chipped, given a dental, and spayed/neutered (if needed). Once this is all done the pet will be groomed (if needed) and then added to our website and partner sites for adoption."

Question 2: "How is a new home chosen for the surrendered pet?"

Answer 2: "Once the pet receives interest, an application will need to be submitted. The application then goes through an approval process followed by a home visit. Then a meet & greet occurs and if everything is in order the pet is adopted."

Question 3: "What if I want the pet back?"

Answer 3: "Unfortunately this is not an option. We do not give your information to the adopter or vice versa. Once your pet is surrendered and your paperwork is signed there is nothing we can do to retrieve your pet."

Question 4: "Where will the pet stay until adoption?"

Answer 4: "We are a foster based rescue. The pets in our care go to be with a loving family until they find their FURever homes."

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