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What Are Our Adoption Expectations?

When we find the perfect home for our pets we have a few very serious expectations.

Safe & Loving Environment

According to our policies you will provide a safe and loving environment for your new pet and accept them as a member of your family. Your ne pet will have proper nourishment and medical care including montlhy heartworm, flea prevention, and grooming. Finally, your new pet will live inside your home and never outside.

Lost, Stolen, or Unable to Keep your FURbaby

At VIP CFL we do expect to be immediately notified if your new pet is lost or stolen. We can help to locate pets in many different ways. We also expect you to contact us if you can no longer keep or care for your pet. FInally, if you decide to transfer ownership of your pet to another party we will be notified and our consent must be given to do so.

What is VIP of CFL Authorized to do?

At VIP CFL we are authorized to remove your new dog from your home if it is judged not to be suitable or your new dog is in any way neglected. We are also authorized to visit your home given reasonable notice. Sometimes we like to swing by and say hello!

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